2 thoughts on “Episode 07: Justice League News Serves… well… Justice!”

  1. Nite Owl’s ship is called Archie, it’s short for Archimedes (Merlin’s pet owl in The Sword In The Stone)

    Barry’s line about him knowing gorilla sign language really cracked me up. That was a great easter egg towards his personal rogues gallery.


    Also, in episode 4 one of the hosts asked if we’ve gotten to see Captain Boomarang use any of his boomerangs. In the “Ballroom Blitz” trailer there’s a close-up shot @ 1:19 where Cap has a boomarang in each hand, complete with a movie “sword unsheathing” sound effect, probably indicating he seemingly “produced them out of thin air” with a sleight of hand; and @ 1:31, right after the infamous “a horde of zombie soldiers charge after the Squad, one of them actually carring a Stop Sign as a weapon” shot, there’s a very quick shot of Cap using a boomarang as a blade to slice open one of the zombie’s heads…WHILE HOLDING A PINK STUFFED UNICORN IN HIS LEFT HAND. I’m sure there would be plenty of actual boomarang throwing in the film. 🙂

  2. Nite Owl’s ship is named Archie, short for Archimedes (Merlin’s pet owl in The Sword in the Stone)

    Barry’s line about him knowing “gorilla sign language” really cracked me up. What a great easter egg pointing towards his own rogues gallery.

    In episode 4 someone asked about if Captain Boomerang ever used his boomarangs in the trailers. In “Blitz” trailer @ 1:19 we see him holding a boomerang in each hand, with a “knife unsheathing” sound effect that implies that he produced them seemingly out of thin air with a sleight of hand, and @ 1:31 right after the shot with the zombie horde charging towards the Squad (including the one who’s brandishing a Stop Sign of all things), we see Cap slicing the head of a zombie open with a boomerang, whilst in his left hand he was holding a pink stuffed unicorn. o_O

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