2 thoughts on “Episode 27: Uniting the League – The Justice League Trailer”

  1. (Circa 20min)
    Back in the set visit episode, you said that the plot would involve Parademons kidnapping scientists including Dr Silas Stone, and Fourth World beings always would need a Mother Box to travel to earth from New Genesis or Apokalips, so my theory is that the Mother Box in Vic’s room is the one the Parademons carried over to earth, and is used as bait to distract Dr Stone before they punch him out.

  2. (Circa 52 min)
    Billy Crudup played Jon Osterman aka Dr Manhattan in Watchmen, meaning that we’re getting yet another scene of him in a Zack Snyder movie trapped behind class looking at loved ones. 🙂

    (Circa 59 min)
    I’m pretty sure Aquaman was dodging a red-hot battleaxe there. Also I’ve heard that Giant Battleaxe is Steppenwolf’s weapon of choice…

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