2 thoughts on “Episode 23: Holy Catch-Up, Batman!”

  1. On GL:

    The universe is divided into 3,600 Sections, with either one or two Lanterns patrolling each section, making the Corps membership either 3,600 or 7,200. Earth (and the Solar System, really) is in Section 2814.

    I’m not sure how the comics justify the multiple earthling Lanterns, but in the DCAU it seemed that John Stewart was the one for Section 2814 when he’s not on League missions, and the other earth Lanterns like Hal or Kyle were off in other sections. In the episode where AMAZO flew back to earth to find Lex Luthor, after seemingly destroying Oa on his way, Kyle Reyner was among the Lanterns that were on Oa.

    I hope something similar goes on with the DCEU Green Lanterns too, have Hal Jordon and say John Stewart do their space buddy cop adventures, but have someone who’s not Hal be the Justice League Green Lantern.

    Also notable is that in the comics we now have two latest earthling GLs Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, I still don’t know how their addition is justified in universe concerning the Lantern number per section rules, but although I find them fascinating characters, I think they’d be wasted if they’re introduced into the DCEU without having their backstories explored fully first.

  2. On Black Adam (and why his character — if not The Rock’s acting, God forbid — can sustain a solo film):

    (1) Black Adam was actually the first person whom The Wizard of the Rock Of Eternity made into The World’s Mightiest Mortal and safeguard the planet.

    (2) His classic origin is that he was a slave in I believe the 19th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. His magic word is also SHAZAM, but the initials stood for gods of that era, as opposed to Billy’s relatively recent Greek or Roman gods. He was humble at first but eventually the power got to his head.

    (3) After he became a tyrant The Wizard banished him to the other side of the galaxy, but he’s been slowly making his way back to Earth since. That’s why the Wizard chose another person to become Captain Marvel.

    (4) In modern times Black Adam has been a dictator of a certain fictional DC country in the middle east, but it got destroyed by external forces and he went berserk and the entire JLA barely contained him before Captain Marvel came along to take him on.

    (5) And therefore Black Adam’s story can be (I) cautionary tale of power corrupts (II) a good prequel to Captain Marvel and a comparison to why he failed and someone like Billy Batson can handle the mantle better.

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