2 thoughts on “Episode 21: WONDERful News and Bat-Tastic Trailers”

  1. Ciarán Hinds was in a lot of things besides Game of Thrones: He was Alberforth Dumbledore in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II”, and he also played Roy Bland in the 2011 film adaptation of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”. (John le Carre’s spy novels are way more on the realistic side than the James Bond or Jason Bourne books.) A LOT of familiar faces (from Harry Potter and Superhero films) are in that film, the script was condensed very successfully from the book, although if you don’t mind stretching out for the full experience, I recommend you watch the 1979 BBC miniseries of it, starring Alec Guiness.

    The new segmant you’ve introduced sounds pretty fun. So you’re looking for a name for it? I’m immediately reminded of all the talking heads discussing and debating about Batman in The Dark Knight Returns (including Batman-inspired incidents of bravery or tomfoolery in Gotham City), so I guess something like “The Batcave News Hour” would be fitting?

    But seriously, guys, a Wonder Woman-heavy episode, and you didn’t do a review for the Wonder Woman-centric Justice League episode, “Paradise Lost”? Seems like a missed opportunity. 😀

  2. It does seem like it’s more possible that Dr Poison is the identity of the femle antagonist. I wish I can say I’ve watched through Batman: The Brave & The Bold as I have the Justice League animated series, but I can’t. You’re on your own there, folks. 🙂

    Also, regarding the newest Wonder Woman trailer: I agree that the electric cello “Is She With You?” theme is a bit more jarring this time when the title shows up. Maybe if we didn’t have the pause in the audio and neatly blended from the trailer music into the theme (like in the SDCC trailer) it would have been better.

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