3 thoughts on “Episode 18: A Bat-day Full of Bat-Moments”

  1. I think I’ll share some of my Batman Moments in a later comment. For now, just picture me as an audience member eagerly holding up a whiteboard with tips towards the stage. 🙂

    1. The two unnamed B:TAS episodes mentioned this week were “Holiday Knights” and “Trial.”

    2. It was Harry Lennix (playing Swanwick in MoS and BvS) who read the TDRK quote on SDCC 2013.

    3. Recently rediscovered the first Batman comic I’ve ever read that wasn’t an issue of “The Batman Adventures” (the animated series spinoff): “Batman: Ego” by Darwin Cooke. Yet another great psychological piece for the character of Batman. You might find some stuff in it that might make it into your list. 🙂

    4. Frankly, you should make a top 5 moments list for Batman in every given medium: comics, animated series DCAU, animated films, live action films and video games. 🙂

  2. After listening to the news piece you did on actress Elena Anaya, I went back and dug a little into Wonder Woman characters, and also chatted with people on double movies (especially the comments section under that screenshot of her from the trailer), and my best guess is that she’s playing the character of Baroness Paula von Gunther. She’s one of Wonder Woman’s oldest foes in the comics (certainly the oldest non-mythological and non-superpowered enemy), worked for the Gestapo during WWII but later became WW’s ally when the leverage that the Germans had over her was neutralized by Diana and Steve. This can still work in a WWI setting, since it’s not exactly hard to demonize Germany and they sure had secret services back then. 😛 The porcelain mask was popular during the old wartime days as the Next Best Thing to reparative plastic surgery, it covers up ruined faces, and also showcases to other members of society, “This person was wounded in service of our nation, do not mock them for losing their physical beauty in the process.” Which is also part of Baroness Paula’s character in a large part of Wonder Woman comics.

    Would be interesting to see if she has any granddaughters who can interact with Diana in the present times. 🙂

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