Episode 15: Holy Rumor Mill, Batman!

We take a look at the aftermath of Suicide Squad and some of the biggest stories of the week, including rumors of a troubled Wonder Woman Production, news about Aquaman, and a possible Man of Steel Sequel! Tune in!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 15: Holy Rumor Mill, Batman!”

  1. 1. Mark Hughes was on the recent Suicide Squad Q & A episode for HolyBatCast, and he demolished the open letter on grounds of blatant factual errors (that actual WB employees would not have made) involving something about WB “did so” produce a film of a certain monetary stature. #PodcastPimping #NotThatTheyNeedMeTo

    2. The talk about first impressions on trailers got me thinking. It’s kind of ironic that the more foreboding and relatively less exciting teaser and SDCC trailer for BvS were more reflective of the final product: some sort of character study of core DC characters, with impressive but not overwhelming superhero action sequences. The fact that the denouement after the dust settled was so long and textured was really telling. To be honest I was taken in by the Doomsday Reveal trailer and thought that there’d be more action scenes in the film, but I loved the final product nonetheless. Speaking of which, does anyone here think that WB has a few lessons to learn on how to be more coy in their trailer reveals? It’s of course debatable whether or not they should’ve revealed a full-grown Doomsday, but there was also the Trinity shot to reconsider. Seeing that there was a shot of them coming together from the back, wouldn’t that have made a better shot for the trailer then the frontal one?

    3. A solo Superman sequel does sound exciting. I also hope for Brainiac as the main villain. As for supporting characters, I’m hoping for Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer.

    4. In preperation for next week’s Justice League coverage: I kind of like the news that Black Manta will be the villain for Aquaman’s solo film. It keeps us guessing about what Orm’s up to and if he’s openly villainous yet. But I must say that I really wanted DCAU’s Aquaman to retain his beardless, cropped-hair look from back in S:TAS “A Fish Story”. Because I don’t care how awesome Aquaman is, he shouldn’t be able to have long hair flowing like that when he just came out of the water. 😀

    5. And as a follow-up to the last time I left feedback: There are certain Superman episodes that really need to be watched in order to better establish continuity into JL/JLU. Such as the ones involving Brainiac, Darkseid, Supergirl, and the guest starring episodes with the Flash, Aquaman, Steel and Dr Fate. I don’t want to spoil anything just yet, just in case it has been long enough for you to still be surprised by them. 😉

    1. David, thanks for the feedback! I totally spaced on it this episode, but we will address your comments in episode 17! My apologies again.

      1. It’s alright, so long as I know it wasn’t missed over completely. 🙂

        As for episode 16, did the arguments against “Identity Crisis” that you’ve heard have anything to do with, well, “identity politics”? i.e. The whole plot hinges on Mrs. Elongated-Man being murdered and her prior case of being sexually assaulted –> VICTIMIZATION/FRIDGING AND MARGINALIZATION OF FEMALE CHARACTERS!!! — Also the reveal that the murderer was a woman (and wife to another Justice Leaguer) couldn’t’ve helped either. It’s the case of trying to blacken The Killing Joke because Barbara was brutalized and brushed aside (any attempt to say that she was never meant to be a main character will land you in a Kafka’s Trial manner of saying your not guilty means you’re even more guilty) and more recently that variant cover of Batgirl that had Joker pointing a finger-gun at her head and her acting scared, all over again. If you like to extend this feedback conversation, I’d love to carry on in the future, if not, you don’t even have to read this part on-air. 🙂

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