4 thoughts on “Episode 10: Wonder Woman Synopsis and Justice League: “Secret Origins””

  1. It’s a cool thing that you’re starting this Justice League animated series review section. It’s been years since the “Word’s Finest” podcast concluded, and now you can put the DCEU films and tv shows into reference as well. I wonder what will happen when you get to JLU, when it’s either one-shot stories or components of a bigger arc (e.g. Cadmus vs. Justice League)? Will you combine the arc episodes together for more coherent discussions?

    As for Batman psychological analysis stories, my recommendation would be “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth” by Grant Morrison. As I’ve learned from TVtropes (from which I’ve discovered many great graphic novels), it’s the kind of book that makes you read again and again, find out that there’s a Deluxe Edition with full-length annotations from the writer and illustrator, and gladly go spend extra money on that as well, completist or not. The story is very, very deep even though the plot itself is simple (On an April Fools Day, Arkham Asylum was taken over by the inmates — because apparantly that’s the perfect shennanigans to cause once Batman had caught all of his rogues — and they’ll release the medical staff hostages if Batman will go in there . . . *where he belongs*), but the ARTWORK, oh boy, what an acid trip. :O

  2. Geoff Johns being named as a screenwriter has nothing to do with being named as an executive for DC Films. When it comes to naming credits for film screenplays, the Screen Writer’s Guild has very strict rules on who of the many writers are actually given credit. The fact that Johns was named means that he very much was involved in the script, and not a token add-on. It simply doesn’t work that way.


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