Episode 02: Clash of the Common Critiques (BvS)

Welcome, bat-fans one and all! It’s no surprise that there is little middle ground for Batman v Superman; people generally either loved or hated this film. In our second episode, we take a look at and consider the weight of some of the most common critiques of Batman v Superman. Enjoy!SadBatman

3 thoughts on “Episode 02: Clash of the Common Critiques (BvS)”

  1. Hey guys, I just listened to the episode and love what you guys are doing. I agree that the Bat-brutality has its precedents in the comics, but I think what was ringing in most people’s minds was the exchange from the The Dark Knight between Bale-Bat and Ledger’s Joker about not being able to kill. What are your thoughts about why can Batman casually off a couple of hoods, but he can’t kill the mass-murdering Clown Prince of Crime?

    1. Hey Justin! Thanks for your excellent question. Unfortunately we just recorded episode 4 last night, but keep your eye out for episode 5, where we will definitely address your question!

      1. Hey guys, I’ve listened to all but episode 6 right now, and left a comment in episode 7. Thank you for following me on twitter, or else I would never have discivered your show.

        — @Vermouth1991

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